Gyokuro Tea Bags

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Japanese Green Tea Kiyosen
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Green Tea Bags

Gyokuro Tea Bags

'Gyokuro' (The best quality Green Tea) in tea bags were developed for people to enjoy Uji tea easily. This special triangular shape tea bag was made with nylon material which is not affected by heat or coldness, designed as bigger than usual tea bags. Tea leaves are trimmed smaller, so that you can enjoy this tasty tea in a short time. You can conveniently put this teabag directly into your tea cup, so this tasty tea is available during your trip or at the office. In summer, you can easily make iced tea as well.

We steam the first picked tea leaves for a long time to make a rich taste, and dry the leaves by micro-wave dryer to keep the aroma. It has a deep and rich roasted flavor.

Once you drink this tea, you will understand why so many people love this tea.

We highly recommend this product, it is also the best tea for people who have never tried Japanese tea before.

ColorBright greenstarstarstar
Production areaUji,Kyoto,Japan
Optimum temperature for boiling water140.0F
Optimum time for brewing2 minute
Unit Price$40.0

Green Tea Bags

Product NameGramsPricePhoto
Gyokuro Tea Bags
(100 Packs)
500g$40.0Gyokuro Tea Bags Tea Bags
Sencha Tea Bags
(100 Packs)
500g$35.0Sencha Tea Bags Tea Bags
Hojicha Tea Bags
(100 Packs)
500g$30.0Hojicha Tea Bags Tea Bags

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